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Bonita Unified - San Dimas High

: 800 West Covina Boulevard,
San Dimas,
CA, 91773-1473

School Info

School name San Dimas High Type Public High
School District Bonita Unified County Los Angeles
Address 800 West Covina Boulevard,
San Dimas,
CA, 91773-1473
Grade 9-12
Charter No Public Yes
API 839 Rating 9
No. of Students 870 Contact Person

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Agent Contact

For more information about this property, please contact the agent directly with one of the options, Call, SMS, and Feedback listed on bottom of this website. Or, add the agent as your WeChat friend by long touching the QR code bellow and selecting "Scan QR Code in image", and then chat with the agent.
Name Margaret Tsay
Mobile +1 323-855-4568
E-mail HomesbyMargaret@gmail.com

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Bonita Unified - San Dimas High

Agent Margaret